Welcome to the PTA Presidents and Boards Quick Reference Guide

This guide provides guidance to incoming local unit presidents and boards, including tips on leading a board and being a board member, executing the PTA’s mission and purpose, and successfully running the business of a local unit.


Learn more about what it takes to be an effective leader; how to run your organization, plan your year and sustain a positive, successful PTA environment.

Running Your PTA

Learn what boards need to know to function properly and within the law, typical roles and responsibilities, and how to partner within your school community.

Year Planning

Tips for transitioning into new leadership positions, developing leadership skills for all, setting yearly PTA goals, and planning for the year.

Meetings & Rules

Learn how to plan and execute a meeting that leads to great results starting with a good agenda and knowledge of basic parliamentary and organizational procedures.

Pres. & Board

Take it up a notch! Presidents play a key role in growing membership, engaging volunteers, and speaking out for PTA and for all children.


With the right tools you can accomplish anything! The training you need is here, along with samples to guide you and help you find your footing.