Plan of Work

What is a plan of work?

A plan of work lists the goals of your PTA and the expected means by which those goals will be reached. The plan of work guides the unit’s activities for any given fiscal year. Committee chairs also prepare a plan of work (which must be approved by the executive committee or board) for their committees.

How is a plan of work put together?

Survey your PTA members on their perceptions of the school’s most urgent needs. Once identified, these needs should be grouped and prioritized. The highest priorities should guide you in setting the PTA goals for the year. Establish ways the PTA can best help meet those needs, and estimate how much money your PTA will need to reach its goals; then identify sources of funds and create a budget.

Further in this section you will find an example of a committee plan of work template recommended by Texas PTA.

Planning Tip:
Take the Planning and Goal Setting e-learning course.