Plan of Work

What is a plan of work?

A plan of work contains the action steps necessary to achieve the goals of a PTA. The plan of work guides the unit’s activities for any given fiscal year. Consider asking every board member to create a plan of work. Committee chairs should prepare a plan of work (which may need approval of the executive committee or board, so check your bylaws) for their committees. All plans of work should align with PTA’s mission and help PTA achieve its goals for the year.

How is a plan of work put together?

Using your PTA’s goals, identify specific strategies your PTA or committee will use to achieve a goal and then create a step-by-step plan for each strategy. Ensure that someone is responsible for each step of the process and that a reasonable timeline is created. For example, if your PTA’s goal is to increase literacy, one strategy may be to start a parent-child book club. The steps may include identifying a chair, creating a reading list, identifying community partners, planning a year end celebration, etc. Another literacy strategy in the plan of work may be to advocate for a full-time school librarian and steps may include a letter writing campaign, school board meeting attendance, research of staffing and impact on literacy, planning a rally, etc. Further in this section you will find an example of a committee plan of work template recommended by Texas PTA.