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Quick Reference Guide

Today’s PTA is dedicated to empowering parents to make a difference in the education, health, and safety of America’s children. This guide shares tips to increase unit membership, including tracking and retaining members, bolstering diversity and inclusiveness, and marketing PTA membership.

PTA Value

Everything you need to know to communicate the value of belonging to your PTA unit so growing membership is easy and fun.

Roles and Duties

With the right team in place, everything runs smoothly. Learn the best ways to clarify everyone’s role and help your unit work together for the children.


It’s the most important role of your PTA – attracting and retaining members. Get the tools you need to format a plan to strengthen your unit this year.


Get great ideas for engaging everyone in your community, and ways to connect with diverse groups and individuals to make sure everyone has a say.


One-stop access to some of the most popular fliers, posters and templates to grow membership, engage your community and retain members.