Welcome to the Finance

Quick Reference Guide

PTA Treasurers play a crucial role in maintaining the health of the organization. This guide shares best practices for budgeting, banking and conducting a PTA audit, with specialized information on contracts, incorporation, insurance and federal tax requirements.

PTA Treasurer

The PTA Treasurer is an essential part of the Board. This guide will describe your duties and enable you to have a successful year.

The Budget

Your annual budget is your financial roadmap. Find out how to reach your destination here.


Discover everything you need to know about banking best practices and preferred procedures to keep your unit’s finances healthy, compliant and crystal clear.


Get details on how to streamline the way your unit does business without compromising control or accountability.

The PTA Audit

Find out how to manage a very necessary aspect of financial life, with information on auditing, reviewing and reporting for the PTA treasurer – and samples to make it simple.


Learn more about the ways your PTA can protect itself from liability and make the most of potentially complicated situations by taking some simple precautions.

Fed. Requirements

Ensure that your unit files the proper tax returns in a timely fashion. You will also find detailed instructions to assist in your preparation.


Get the facts on all the documentation you will need – and all the forms you must have on hand – to maximize charitable contributions and ensure their legitimacy.

Theft and Fraud

It can be an unpleasant reality, but theft and fraud exist. Be proactive and put a plan in place to prevent, detect and confront any fraudulent activity.

Additional Info

Details here on the small but vital bits and pieces, from postal requirements to sales tax issues to how to lobby for change.


An invaluable supply of sample letters, IRS forms and even a budget. Plus the checklists that every treasurer needs to ensure that everything runs smoothly.